Kidnap and Ransom Insurance s1861

From kidnapping and hijacking through to extortion, many overseas workers face threats to their lives on a daily basis.

To counter these risks, the 1861 Kidnap and Ransom team at AmTrust has developed a range of insurance products to help organisations keep their staff and families safe.

The products are suitable for oil, gas, mining and construction firms, corporate businesses, security companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as high net worth individuals and their families.


  • Kidnap - A seizure or detention of an insured person for the purpose of demanding ransom monies
  • Extortion - Payment demands following illegal threats to assured and/or insured person(s) for demand of ransom, including threats against the insured person, property, trade secrets, and computer data
  • Wrongful detention - Involuntary confinement by a government entity or insurgent organisation
  • Hijack - Illegal holding under duress of an insured person whilst travelling on any aircraft, motor vehicle, railroad train, or waterborne vessel
  • Threat - Direct or indirect communication of the intent to kill, injure, harm, or abduct, or to cause physical damage to or loss to property
  • Disappearance - Unintentional failure to make contact with family or business or to appear as scheduled for more than 48 continuous hours


Up to $20m per insured event

Additional coverage options:

  • Emergency Repatriation & Relocation
  • Hostage Crisis
  • Express Kidnap
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Tiger Kidnap
  • Products Loss
  • Loss of Earnings (Computer Virus)

Lloyd's of London

The 1861 K&R team can be found at Lloyd's of London, Gallery 3 – Box 387.